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  1. Cancelling the Noise: Headphone Usage in the Workplace

    Working in an office and, more recently, remotely, can pose a multitude of distractions for people who need to focus. Headphones are a common solution! We know headphones are a useful tool to tune out the hectic work environment, but can they increase our overall work productivity?

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  2. Corps Career Paths

    “What do you want to be when you grow up?” In elementary school, you might have answered this easily. Maybe an astronaut or a robot from a T.V. show or movie. Maybe a teacher or firefighter because you knew people with those jobs. Some of these childhood career ideas fall to the side, and once you begin college, you feel frantic.  According to Ellucian, two-thirds of students feel stressed […]

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  3. A Remote Reality

    Work-from-home has become the new norm in light of the current coronavirus pandemic. Even before COVID-19 spread into Delaware County, employees and students with the Digital Corps began implementing remote work practices.

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  4. Big Businesses Mean Big Opportunities for College Students

    Corporate jobs offer opportunities for newer, younger employees – despite their negative stereotypes.

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  5. Making a Commitment to Community

    The workforce is the youngest it’s ever been. What do they want more than anything else? Community.

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