Our Team

The Digital Corps is comprised of various disciplines that come together as a team to produce innovative solutions for Ball State University partners. Each one plays a unique role and offers a different perspective at the Digital Corps.

Students Staff

Our Staff

The Digital Corps’ primary goal is supporting the academic interests of Ball State University as a contributing partner to the Office of Information Technology. Our staff is composed of industry professionals who are committed to helping students execute these goals. They’re here to carryout the Digital Corps’ overall mission.

Our students and staff collaborate on projects daily both in project meetings and throughout our office. They guide students to create solution-driven products and support students in training. Most importantly, they ensure all of our products are the best of the best before they reach the hands of our partners.

A group of eight impressive-looking individuals who exude empathy and talent.
  • Brandon Smith


    Brandon Smith leads by facilitating student/staff interactions and bringing awareness of the Digital Corps to Ball State University partners. With his expectation that the Digital Corps will deliver products at the highest level of professionalism, Brandon approves all projects before they are sent to our partners. Brandon’s educational background includes a B.A. in Telecommunications Production from Ball State University and an M.A in Broadcasting, Telecommunications, and Mass Media from Temple University. He gained professional experience with the Walt Disney Company, then Ball State University Electronic Field Trips—a unique partnership between the University, museums, and parks around the country to create video content for grade school students. In 2009, he accepted a position with the ever-growing Digital Corps.

  • Rob Fultz


    Rob Fultz guides the Video Team by encouraging students to grow with each video-related project. With an extensive background in broadcast and documentary-style videos, he works one-on-one with students to give direction on their work. Rob teaches students new techniques and software and gives them room to be creative with their projects. Rob holds a B.S. in Radio and Television Production from Ball State University. Between his position with Ball State University Media Services and freelance work, he has more than 25 years of experience in video and audio production. His freelance work with ESPN has earned him two National Emmy awards. Rob now shares his experiences with students to help them handle a variety of video situations.

  • Bryon O'Conner


    Bryon O’Conner is a resource for students to turn to when working on software development and web application projects. Bryon oversees the training and management of the Development Team. He leads by example and shares his diverse knowledge of development concepts to facilitate student growth. With his support and guidance, students develop a wide variety of applications for our partners. Bryon’s earned a B.S. in Computer Science from Ball State University. Prior to joining the staff at the Digital Corps in 2014, he worked with Ball State University’s Department of Emerging Technologies. His professional focus is full-stack development. When not mentoring students, Bryon is helping the Digital Corps with server management and learning new technologies to teach students.

  • Riley Paulsen


    Riley Paulsen co-leads the Design Team by helping Digital Corps students build confidence through self-reliance and mastery of creative and technical concepts. He has been working at the Digital Corps since his undergraduate years, transitioning from a student worker to a staff member in 2011. As one of the first student workers of the Digital Corps, he helps maintain the original mission: to create innovative work around campus with technology. Riley holds a M.P.A. from Ball State, as well as undergrad degrees in Journalism Graphics and in Graphics Art Management. He is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Animate with over 15 years of freelance experience in full-stack website design and development.

  • Josh Shaffer


    Josh Shaffer serves as a co-leader of the Design Team and works as a designer for Ball State University’s Academic Project Support Office. He guides students by providing design critiques and professional advice. By bringing a non-traditional approach to design, Josh challenges students to produce high-quality and unique work. After more than 10 years of freelance experience in illustration, graphic design, and front-end web development, Josh completed his B.F.A. in Visual Communications at Ball State University. After working with the Digital Corps as an undergraduate, Josh was hired as a staff member in 2016.

Common Skills Across all Disciplines

Critical Thinking

Our students begin each project with careful planning and ideation. We’re always thinking about new ways to create opportunities for our University partners.


From initial brainstorming to project completion, Digital Corps students find unique solutions for our clients. We’re equipped with the skills and technologies to execute the best possible plan.


With our combined knowledge of six disciplines, we work together to create polished deliverables. Digital Corps students push each other to succeed, all while learning as a cohesive team.

Our Creative Disciplines

  • Communication

    The Communication Team is responsible for content and promotional elements at the Digital Corps. Students write copy and assist with promotion for partners and the Digital Corps. They work closely with other creative teams to tell brands’ stories through innovation.

    • Copywriting
    • Marketing and strategic planning
    • Content management
  • Design

    The Design Team is responsible for implementing the artistic vision for projects. They work with our partners to build brands through promotional assets and follow design processes to create websites and application layouts.

    • Visual ideation
    • Aesthetics
    • Prototyping
  • Development

    The Development Team is responsible for turning designs, and other content into functional websites and applications. Students work closely with software and database development. They also experiment with new technologies such as the Hololens and augmented reality (AR).

    • Logical thinking
    • Problem analysis
    • Detail-oriented
  • Project Management

    The Project Management Team organizes the daily operations of the office. Their leadership keeps projects focused and moving forward. In order to do this, the team schedules project meetings, creates timelines, and updates our virtual project management app.

    • Leadership
    • Timeline Development
    • Staff/Student Liaison
  • User Experience

    The User Experience Team collaborates with other creative teams to ensure all projects are accessible and optimal for users. They use research, testing, and analytic plans to provide insights for other Digital Corps members and partners.

    • User-oriented thinking
    • Usability testing and evaluation
    • Analytical research
  • Video

    The Video Team combines their knowledge of storytelling with their high-end video production experience to create professional-looking videos. They use industry standard equipment to light, mic, and shoot content that tells stories throughout the Ball State community and beyond.

    • Visual storytelling
    • Hands-on video production
    • Planning

Working at the Digital Corps will allow you to grow...

  • As a Student

    We have the chance to get ahead in our craft by earning software certifications, training with industry-standard equipment, and working on real-world projects. There are also opportunities to develop soft skills through a workshop series by our professional staff.

  • As a Professional

    We strive to become all-stars in the real world, so we are exposed to a professional workplace environment in the comfort of Ball State’s campus. At the Digital Corps, you are surrounded by collaborative team members with the chance to enhance your résumé.

  • As an Individual

    We know that as much as professional and classroom skills matter, it is important to encourage work-life balance. We learn how to manage our time to be the best students, club members, and team we can be.