Student Highlight: Ryan Minter

As the curtains draw to a close on his senior year at Ball State, Video Team Apprentice Ryan Minter emerges as a beacon of creativity and adaptability at the Corps. With a major in Media Production and a minor in Creative Writing, Ryan has captured and absorbed a wide variety of skills that will be valuable to him post-graduation. Of course, this journey did not come without challenges. 

“Some really good challenges have been at this job. I’m having to blend my creative vision for the project with something that the client is also happy with.” 

One of Ryan’s most notable challenges has been the Ball State PBS promos. Within this project of creativity and practicality, he must harmonize his creative vision with the expectations of clients, striking a balance between innovation and practicality. Through tenacity and adaptability, Ryan has conquered this challenge, pivoting his perspective to now embrace challenges thanks to the Corps.  

“The projects here at the Corps have opened me up to work that is different from what I normally do, but also allows me to be a part of a collaboration process.”  

While Ryan thrives in solo projects, he also enjoys the dynamics of collaborative projects. From the solitude of PBS promos to the camaraderie of Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute projects, he seamlessly adapts to the demands of each environment. He is a prime example of how the Corps helps students grow and learn beyond their own disciplines and work styles to create solutions for our clients.  

“I’ve been pretty swamped this semester, so I haven’t had much time to relax, but when I do I play a lot of video games.”  

As due dates ramp up, so has Ryan’s schedule and it has taken him away from his hobby of video gaming. Outside the reality of school, he finds solace in the world of video games, a place where he can be creative but also have some relaxation time for himself. He frequents playing Nintendo and PlayStation amidst the chaos, which helps rejuvenate him in between deadlines and responsibilities.  

“With my Creative Writing minor, I’m pretty good at writing scripts and envisioning stories.” 

Further proving that Media Production is a broad major, Ryan also has talents in writing and storytelling which he also dabbles in outside of work. His proficiency in scriptwriting is a testament to his creative prowess, elevating his projects to new heights of artistic expression next to his talents with production and editing.  

As Ryan prepares to embark on the next chapter of his story, his hard work and dedication to the clients of the Corps has been greatly appreciated. Armed with his adaptive nature, relentless persistence, and steadfast creativity, Ryan will continue to stride forward, ready to conquer the world of media production and beyond. 

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