Student Highlight: Cameron Beteet

With an unwavering passion for each step that goes into creating a video, Admin & Video Team Graduate Assistant Cameron Beteet has gone above and beyond to make the most of her time at the Digital Corps. As an Admin, Cameron helps oversee how things run at the Corps and assists in planning or scheduling events, all while still working on several projects for the video team.  

Cameron, who’s studying emerging media technology, is extremely passionate about the work she produces, and puts a lot of care into making sure each step of a project is done flawlessly. 

“I’m very deliberate about what I do. I won’t start a project until I have the full scope of what I’m doing beforehand.” 

Cameron finds that this preparation-focused work style always helps her produce her best work, and even ends up saving her more time in the long run. 

Setting herself up for success is even more vital when Cameron comes across challenging projects. One such project was the Bob Ross Painting Experience project, which emerged as one of Cameron’s favorites despite the difficulties she faced. Creating the experience required heavy use of After Effects and motion graphics, two aspects of Video that Cameron did not initially have much experience with. 

However, Cameron faced this project head on and learned skills that she still uses to this day. The final product is one she is quite proud of, and is one of her favorite parts of her portfolio to show off. 

Cameron’s ambitious drive and willingness to try everything has also led to multiple shifts in her video focus. 

“I like production heavy projects. When I first started, I hated production as it doesn’t always go how you want. But now it’s something I really enjoy due to the creative freedom it gives you.” 

Cameron finds that the production stage is the most difficult for her, but she enjoys the challenge. Since it requires large amounts of creativity, she really gets to get invested in the project, and through her experience, has found that the more creative she is with her shots, the better the results. 

Collaboration at the Corps has also helped Cameron evolve in new ways. She values seeing the ways others work and approach projects. She’s also found that observing other ways of working has helped her to understand different perspectives in the workplace, a skill she will take with her beyond college. 

Make the most of being in college. Your experience is what you make of it. You have to explore opportunities yourself.” 

These words have guided Cameron throughout her college career, and it’s the advice she thinks anyone starting out should know. After all, this self-motivated attitude has not only made Cameron a great fit for the Corps, but has also helped her secure some amazing opportunities throughout her college career. 

Now, as she grows closer to graduation and joining the workforce, Beteet has plenty of experience under her belt. From video, to administration, to emerging media, to user experience, Cameron is about as well rounded as it gets. We can’t wait to see how she puts her skills to use in the future! 

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