Student Highlight: Cassie Pomierski

Cassie Pomierski is a Design Specialist at the Digital Corps and joined the office nearly 2.5 years ago. As a Visual Communications major with a minor in Digital Media, she has spent many late nights on Ball State’s campus. Despite having studio art classes that are three hours long, she still manages to light up the office with her positivity. Many members of the office consider Cassie to be creative, empathetic, positive, fun-loving, and hardworking.  

Cassie is often seen perfecting her designs in the office and giving helpful feedback in meetings. She reflected on one of her favorite projects at the Digital Corps and mentioned Audio Stories with the EMDD Department at Ball State.  

“Audio Stories with EMDD was one of the first projects I was put on—I was a little nervous and the only designer on the project. The project introduced me to UX work, which is a career I’m looking into now.” 

Surprisingly, design isn’t the only thing consuming Cassie’s life; she loves music. She’s always looking for new music to listen to and is constantly growing her vinyl collection. 

“I grew up in a musical household and play the flute and piano whenever I get the chance.” 

Cassie Pomierski at Portfolio Day in March 2023.

Cassie also loves going outside and enjoying nature. Whether she’s going on a hike, or bike-riding with friends, she always finds a way to be outside. She also loves reading, gaming, and puzzles. Two of her favorite games are Sims 3 and Animal Crossing. 

Cassie took a moment to reflect on her journey throughout her college experience. She shares a piece of advice that she wishes someone told her when she was younger. 

“Obviously, college is stressful—so don’t knock yourself down. There’s going to be a lot of challenges and late nights. It’s okay. Where you are now is where you’re meant to be. It’s okay to not have everything figured out.” 

Cassie hopes to have a career centered around graphic design, and has contributed her passion greatly to the Digital Corps. Cassie’s bright smile will be missed around the office; however, we are excited to see her take on the world with her impressive designs!                                                                                      

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