Student Highlight: Kylie Owens 

Very few people are as honest with themselves as Kylie Owens, a Digital Corps Design Specialist. She continues to show her unique skills as an animator, asset creator, and MUTT Board designer, and she thanks her college pick which led to one of the greatest decisions of her college career: her animation major decision.  

“It just clicked, and then I was like animation is absolutely what I want from my life.” 

Her favorite moments at the Corps are when she’s able to animate for the projects she loves, like The Loading Zone! However, this comes with tackling challenging and intensive programs to create perfect designs. In the face of these challenges, she acknowledges what she may not know and doesn’t let that stop her from jumping headfirst. She likes to learn through actions and committing to the attempt, whether it’s After Effects and Illustrator or fixing video keyframes.  

“Getting through that just involved keep going, perseverance, and asking questions.” 

Kylie at her senior presentation during Digital Corp’s Portfolio Day

Kylie continues her ambitious spirit outside of the workplace while learning different languages like ASL. She describes it as a visual language and her classes have trained her to think about signing in a different way than she thinks about English. The class is a natural fit for her learning through a practice mindset, along with her other art classes. Kylie cites ceramics, glassmaking, and painting as some of the unique art opportunities she’s experienced through Ball State, and each contributes to her experience as an animation major. 

“We recently finished up the Eclipse safety video, and that was all animated!” 

Kylie picked her animation major because of Ball State University, even though she has always been interested in art. During a college fair, when many other colleges lacked an art program, she found Ball State and learned about its art majors. Since her first intrigue, she has animated entire projects like tutorial videos for websites and videos about a solar eclipse. Her work is being displayed across campus websites and resources, and Kylie can’t be any happier she contributed so much to Digital Corps thanks to her lucky find with Ball State. 

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