Student Highlight: Taylor Staples

For Communication Specialist Taylor Staples, pursuing a career in writing wasn’t always in the cards. Now, as a Journalism and Media double major, it’s hard for her to imagine doing anything else. Taylor, who has been with the Digital Corps since Spring 2022, started out her college career as an animation major.

During her freshman year, she joined an on-campus radio show and got her first taste of the writing and researching process in the entertainment sector. She excelled and eventually moved to the hard news sector, which she also loved. Not finding her animation major fulfilling anymore, she switched to Media and News, and the rest was history. 

“I’m the kind of person who likes to dive in first, ask questions second.” 

Taylor prides herself on her driven and go-getter attitude. She strongly prefers to start on a project right away because that’s when she’s the most creative. Of course, she’s willing to go back and make adjustments later, but the sooner she can get started, the better.  

“In the workplace, I’m always conscious of how to make things easier for others, so I hope they do the same for me.” 

As a sociable and empathetic person, Taylor finds that working in a collaborative environment is a perfect fit. Working on projects with people of various backgrounds has helped her not only learn about new things in other fields, but also build her empathy for others in the process. She also enjoys helping others when she can because when she’s struggling with something, she knows how valuable it can be to get help from a peer. 

“I love to play Animal Crossing on the switch, and especially love to watch TV shows and movies.” 

At the Corps, everyone knows Taylor as a pop culture encyclopedia; she’s always up to date on the latest celebrity and movie news. This knowledge mostly comes from her hobbies, and now she hopes to pursue jobs that will combine her skills as well as her interests. 

With all of this in mind, it’s clear to see how Taylor’s unique mix of disciplines, writing ability, and interest in pop culture topics have come together and made her a key member of the Communication Team. It also explains her aspirations to work as a creative writer for TV shows. Given all of the work she has put in at the Corps, we know that these dreams are within her reach. 

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