Student Highlight: Kyla Anderson

When Video Team Specialist Kyla Anderson reflects on who she is, the words creative, caring, and reserved come to mind. Inching closer to the end of her senior year and graduation, Kyla has been blossoming in her talents and skills all thanks to the college experience and her time at the Digital Corps. When she started her journey at Ball State, she had no video production experience at all. Now, she is a valuable part of the Video Team at the Corps.  

“My freshman year, I had never even touched a camera in my life.”  

Surrounding her identity around band in high school made her realize she had to find a new interest that could turn into a career. After choosing her major and pushing through imposter syndrome, and with the help of professors pushing her outside of her comfort zone, Kyla began to see her true potential. Realizing what all she has to offer, she applied to the Digital Corps.  

“I like working on projects that allow me to be creative with the shots I take.” 

While Kyla likes to edit as well, shooting allows her to look for different things, especially when shooting show promotions for Ball State Theater and Dance. She credits collaboration, specifically with the Design Team, as what impacted her to be a better creator. For example, when struggling with After Effects, she knew exactly who to ask for help on the Design Team and feels that learning from others is what makes her a better person.  

“I had some self-esteem issues going on, but my confidence has grown exponentially.” 

During her capstone class, Kyla’s professor was looking for volunteers to help film a documentary about David Arquette. Feeling like she had nothing to contribute to the documentary, Kyla did not raise her hand. After class, her professor told her that she was expecting Kyla to volunteer and offered her the Director of Photography position on the documentary. After struggling to see what she has to offer in her field, she overcame that obstacle of imposter syndrome and wanted to deliver her best work.  

When it comes to overcoming challenges, Kyla understands that the work begins with changing your mindset. Trusting in your skill set and utilizing collaboration when needed is one key aspect to creating projects that make you believe in yourself again.  

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