Student Highlight: Abigail Clone 

Most people would not consider disc golf and graphic design going together, but Abigail Clone, a Specialist on the Design Team, manages to master both. For Abigail, her dedication is what keeps her motivated during the toughest moments in her college life. She thanks her creative drive for helping her get through those tough moments and connecting with even the most difficult projects. 

“I love picking people’s brains on what their experiences have been like.” 

Working on items like the MUTT Board are some of the most gratifying projects for Abigail because she can see her work physically displayed and gain valuable experience towards her major. Many artists or designers do not get a chance to expand their art into the tech workplace, but the touchscreen relies on UI and creativity, which Abigail appreciates about the projects at Digital Corps. 

“My first semester here I worked on a gingerbread house decorating activity.” 

Student working with a laptop and mouse in front of a monitor.

When Abigail is not working at the Corps, she still likes to keep up a creative life by taking on unique sports, disc golf being one. She also enjoys art journaling and crochet work, even starting some bigger designs like blankets. Abigail focuses on the creative aspects of her life, fun activities, and her new-found dedication to help her decide what her future holds. 

“I think the biggest thing is just being able to learn from different knowledge and skillsets.” 

Although there are many challenges that come with intricate design projects, including organization and communication between teams, Abigail adores the process. She appreciates the collaboration she encounters daily at Digital Corps, and she gets the best of both worlds while accomplishing big challenges. Abigail has a strong understanding of what she looks for in her work, and her love of always adapting new knowledge defines what she does. 

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