Adobe Certification Exams at Ball State

Ball State students, through an Information Technology initiative, now have the opportunity to take Adobe Certification Exams and practice tests throughout the year. Adobe Certification Exams are a great way to validate technological skills within the Adobe Creative Suite.

“Getting [certified] in Adobe Premiere helped build my confidence as a video editor in a highly competitive industry,” junior Telecommunications major Nick Kampsen said. “[It’s] a rewarding challenge.”

Individuals may visit the Tech Store in Bracken Library at Ball State University to purchase an Adobe Certification Exam voucher.

Adobe gives test-takers one hour to complete an exam, which consists of multiple choice questions and in-program completion scenarios. Every exam is proctored to ensure academic honesty. There are eight programs that offer exams: AfterEffects, Animate, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and PremierePro.

Ball State students are eligible to purchase an exam voucher through the TechStore in Bracken Library. Vouchers are $10 for practice tests and $30 for exams, with an additional option to get both a practice test and exam voucher together for $35. Group discount options are also available.

“Getting certified now while it’s cheap is important because they are really expensive if you’re not [getting them at a discount],” junior Telecommunications major Hailey Russell said. “We’re lucky that we have the option to get them now.” Russell holds four Adobe certifications and is working towards her fifth.

Once an exam voucher is purchased, test-takers will be sent to the Digital Corps office, located in BC210, to schedule their exam or practice test.

“[Adobe certifications] are great for your resume. Honestly, I got to learn more about the software that I wouldn’t have learned elsewhere,” Russell said. “It gave me good exposure and now I understand a lot of concepts from multiple software programs.”

The Digital Corps provides a unique on-campus job for undergraduate and graduate students with aspirations to work in innovative and creative fields. Digital Corps students work on real-world projects in a collaborative environment. They also learn technical and professional skills that supplement the instruction they receive in traditional academic classes. Combined with the high-quality work in their portfolio,Digital Corps students are uniquely situated to impact the professional world upon graduation.

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