Student Highlight: Kiri Woodruff

Development Team Master Kiri Woodruff found herself in computer science with a vision to be an example for other women looking to get into the field. Woodruff’s interests expand far and wide, ranging from front end development, her adorable cats, the human mind, and K-pop music.

After her almost three years at the Digital Corps, Kiri has discovered her love for front end development, enjoying how she’s able to make changes for others to transform her projects into something that is not only functional but also aesthetically and stylistically challenging.

“I enjoy learning new features to make things that people are going to enjoy.”

She was able to flex these skills with her College of Architecture and Planning touch screen project. This project helped her fine tune her learning process that includes deconstructing the problem based on its criticisms and working from there.

Kiri highlights that her minor in Psychology has had a great impact on how she works with others.

“I’m really interested in how other people’s minds work. Studying psychology has helped me be able to understand why someone is thinking something.”

She claims that this isn’t just a personal interest for her, but it’s also helped her learn how to collaborate and work with others who don’t think about things in the same way she does. This allows her to develop her work even further, to produce the best possible product that she knows will be helpful to others.

Her interest in computer science stems from two places. Her father is in the field, and she’s admired his work, she also wanted to help create a space for women in the field. Kiri creates space for herself in lots of areas of her life. One of her creative outlets, aside from watching too many Tik-Toks, is being involved in the K-Pop community.

Kiri says “I love talking to new people about K-Pop. Getting to show them what all I know about the artists is so fun for me.”

Kiri’s unique mix of interests all accumulate to one thing, she really enjoys understanding others and making things useful. With a bright future ahead, Kiri is ready to take on whatever comes next in her career.

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