University WordPress Websites

Ball State University has many faculty members, departments, centers, and institutes with a story to tell, but sharing those stories can be difficult. These organizations need to deliver their message to other people, but they often do not have a method to reach their audiences.

Finding the best for our partners through testing

In 2018, the Digital Corps worked closely with the Division of Marketing and Communications at Ball State University to solve this problem. The team decided to use WordPress, a user-friendly content management website. The goal was to provide University groups with Ball State-branded websites to promote services, present research, and provide educational opportunities for students.

To ensure the Digital Corps team created a custom website experience that would fit the users’ needs, a group of clients was selected to participate in extensive beta testing. Beta testing is a type of “trial run” that allows a particular group of people to try out a product or service before it is launched to the general public. Digital Corps students were appointed to act as liaisons between the beta testers and the project team to answer questions and gather feedback.

In the end, the Digital Corps delivered:

Customizable websites made easy

Based on the collected data, the Digital Corps created several iterations of the website layouts and features to serve the needs of each distinct audience. These custom themes are easy to use at any website skill-level and can display a variety of media. In addition to designing and developing custom WordPress themes, the Digital Corps team also created tutorial videos for partners to navigate WordPress. This process included scriptwriting, screen recordings, and narratives to guide users through the website. This makes Custom University WordPress Websites a dynamic tool for departments and organizations at Ball State to share their story throughout campus and beyond. If you have questions about using the Custom University WordPress Website, please contact the Division of Marketing and Communications at Ball State University.