Innovate WithIN

In 2017, Ball State University partnered with the Indiana Department of Education and the Indiana Economic Development Council to launch an initiative to inspire young people in Indiana to pursue entrepreneurship. The Digital Corps collaborated on a scalable solution that would grow and adjust as the size of the program grows. Students and staff worked closely with the state to engage Indiana students in the different opportunities from Innovate WithIN™.

Unique opportunities for students

Innovate WithINTM is split into three distinct tracks: Programming, Pitching, and Pathways. Programming encourages middle school students to attend labs and workshops to develop critical thinking skills as an introduction to business concepts. Pitching gives high school students the opportunity to present their innovative ideas to top officials and entrepreneurs in Indiana with the hopes of winning valuable prizes to catapult their ideas to reality. Pathways provide students with scholarship funds, internship opportunities, mentorships, and other valuable experiences to expand their entrepreneurial journey.







In the end, the Digital Corps delivered:

Extensive solutions for our partners

A team of nearly 20 Digital Corps students helped Innovate WithIN™ by creating the organization’s branding assets, a new website & administration panel, informational and educational videos, advertising, email marketing, and social media management. Students and staff also traveled across the state to capture video footage and take pictures at the regional and state competitions. Innovate WithIN’s™ vast scope and multitude of moving parts provided Digital Corps students with opportunities to explore design thinking solutions and gain valuable leadership experience. Students gained experience in everything from web development to video production as every Digital Corps Team was challenged to show their best work.